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assembly series The practical assembly-series is perfectly suited for the safe production of sunrooms, carports, stairs, landings and many more. SHERPA Mini 17

XS - M Series (5 - 40 kn)
XS-M Series The wide range of products facilitates the creation of a tailor-made, secure and efficient solution for any task. The XS - M series, for example, is ideally suited for winter gardens, carports and smaller wooden structures. SHERPA XS 5

L - XXL Series (30 - 300 kn)
L-XXL Series From connections in timber engineering through roof and wall components to mixed- and specialty structures with steel and concrete, anything is possible. SHERPA XL 55

M - XXL CS (Steel-Concrete-Connector)
CS Connector The 25 new CS connectors complement the M - XXL series and represent the option of producing a direct connection between wood and steel or ferroconcrete. The abbreviation ‘CS’ stands for ‘concrete & steel’.

Special Screws
special screws Depending on the connector type, the special screws which are stated in the respective approvals, have to be used in order to ensure the listed characteristicload carrying capacities. special screws

Locking Screws
locking screws If the connection requires a protection against uplift, the two connector parts can be held together with specially designed locking screws. locking screws

Fire Stop (Fire Protection Belt)
Fire Stop The self-adhesive fire protection belt, which expands in case of fire, is reliable and easy to process. SHERPA is also setting new benchmarks in the field of fire protection. Fire Stop

CLT-Connector (BSP wall connector)
CLT Connector The newly-developed CLT connectors can be used to connect angle joints, T-joints and parallel joints. The connector can be built into the plate at the plant itself, so that the assembly process can be carried out at the construction site at no risk. CLT Connector

Power Base (Column Base)
Powerbase The new column base, namely, SHERPA Power Base, features a zinc-nickel coating. The characteristic working load amounts to 140 kN, and the working load under pressure amounts to 60 kN. Powerbase

Supplies In addition to the innovative connectors, we also offer helpful accessories. These include the SHERPA sample case, the SHERPA pattern beam and the useful milling template. sample tree